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Current Work Experience:

  • August 2013 to present - Province of Nova Scotia Qualified  Instructor at Maritime Business Colleg
  • Host and Interviewer for Down East Streeters Society for "An Evening with Marc Baylis"
  • January 2013 to present - Independent Consultant for Matrix Consulting Inc., and several private businesses and non - profits.
  • May 2013 to present - On - Call Personal Assistant to Cathy Jones of This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  • January 2013 to present Webmaster for various clients of Funky Pajamas Web Design
  • October 2000 to November 2012 - Municipal Regional Councillor representing Downtown Halifax
  • 1997 to 2000 – Draftsperson 14 Wing Greenwood – Construction Engineering Section



Tier 1 National Advanced Certificate in Local Administration and Authority

Modules included:


Citizen Engagement and Consultation examined approaches to promoting effective and democratic public engagement. The course provided a brief overview of key theoretical concepts, and focuses on practical tools which support and guide the interaction between councils, administration, the media, the public, NGOs and social movements, and other governmental bodies.


Human Resource Management looked at challenges facing local governments in attracting, developing and retaining the personnel needed to serve citizens. The course focused on primary human resource functions and personnel relationships, and provides practical insight into how to be an employer of choice.


Information Access and Privacy Foundations provided an introduction to the history, theories, and key concepts relevant for the appropriate administration of access and privacy legislation. The course examined access and privacy concepts and principles through the examination of provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts.


Local Government allowed students to compare and contrast the features of the local government systems across Canada. It begins by placing local governments within Canada's federal system and then traces the foundations of the systems and their evolution through various reforms and restructuring. Internal governing structures are examined and some of the key responsibilities of local governments are highlighted. The course concluded an assessment of future challenges and prospects


Local Government Finance provided a basic understanding of public and local government finance. The course discussed the changing role and size of government, the budget process, issues relating to alternative service delivery, sources of revenue for local governments, fiscal relations among governments in Canada, and strategic financial thinking.


 Municipal Law II expanded on some of the topics introduced in Municipal Law I highlighting the source and extent of municipal authority, as well as the limits placed on municipal powers by the Constitution and the common law. Topics addressed included the election and operation of council; drafting, enacting and enforcing bylaws; reasons for bylaw invalidity, municipal contracts and tendering, and municipal liability. Moreover, it expanded the students' understanding of legal concepts, systems and practices associated with local authority administration.


Organizational Behaviour and Leadership examined theories of individual behaviour and leadership within local government organizations. In particular, the course focused on management in the public sector, theories of leadership, Council/staff roles and relationships, the structures and culture of local government organizations, notions of motivation in the public sector, the empowerment of staff, and organizational change


Organizational Design and Management addressed systems management and the structure and design of organizations, with an emphasis on public sector organizations. Key concepts included management and managing (management fundamentals, culture, ethics, environment, decision- making, and conflict), planning (strategic management, systems thinking), organizing (theory, structure, design, technologies and change) and controlling (performance management, measurement and effectiveness).


Public Administration Professionalism provided an introduction to administrative ethics, "norms of behaviour" considerations relating to principal actors involved in local governance, and exploration of self-knowledge required for administrative practice in local administration.


Sustainable Communities provided students with a brief introduction to land use planning theory, law and processes. The course focused on such concepts as planning communities around environmental sustainability and social equity



Henson College of Public Affairs – Certificate in Municipal Governing 

  • Intensive overview of Municipal Government. 
  • Roles and responsibilities of elected officials
  • Framework and structure of local government
  • Procedures of local governance



Saint Mary’s University Continuing Education Certificate in Information Technology

2 year modulated program including:

  • Microsoft Professional Office Suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • Desktop Publishing – Adobe PageMaker 6.5
  • Computer Programming – Code writing – C++
  • Computer Maintenance – Troubleshooting, Maintenance, and Repair
  • Time Management – MS Project
  • Risk Management
  • Website Design – WUISIG & HTML Code
  • Work Ethics


Dalhousie University Continuing Education Certificate - Environmental Audit & Assessment

3 month modulated program including:

    • Site Investigation
    • Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Audit
    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk Management


AutoCAD Canada

Intensive training:

    • AutoCAD 13
    • LISP Routines
    • New Features
    • Improved Layering Capabilities
    • Drawing shortcuts


Nova Scotia Community College - VersaCAD

3 month program including:

  • Use of VersaCAD
  • Computer Technology


Nova Scotia Community College – Architectural Drafting

2 year program including:

  • basic drafting practices used in residential and light commercial design, floor plans, foundations, details, electrical components, elevations, and dimensioning practice
  •   computer-aided drafting software for specific technologies & understanding the software command structure and drafting standards for specific technical fields
  • basic engineering graphics skills, equipment, and applications (manual and computer-aided), included sketching, measurements, lettering, dimensioning, geometric construction, orthographic projections and pictorial drawings, and sectional and auxiliary views


Saint Patrick’s High School

Senior Matriculation



Professional Memberships/Committees/Appointments/Boards


    • Executive Council of Regional Council
    • Past Chair – Dangerous or Unsightly Premises Committee
    • Past Chair – Peninsula Community Council
    • Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee
    • Downtown Halifax Business Commission
    • Spring Garden Road Area Business Association
    • Solid Waste Advisory Committee
    • Halifax Regional Library Board
    • Halifax – Dartmouth Natal Day Committee
    • Halifax – Dartmouth Canada Day Committee
    • Appeals Committee
    • Community & Race Relations Committee
    • Emergency Management Advisory Committee
    • Community Design Advisory Committee
    • HRM Grants Committee
    • Heritage Advisory Committee
    • Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee
    • Urban Design Task Force



    • Regional Plan +5 Review Committee
    • HRM Capital District Commission
    • Halifax Regional Library Board
    • Federation Of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
    • Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities (UNSM)
    • International Downtowns Association
    • Neptune Theatre Foundation
    • Trade Centre Limited
    • Harbour City Homes
    • Central Halifax Community Association
    • Commons North Neighbourhood Association
    • Schmittville Neighbourhood Association
    • Uniacke Square Tenants Association
    • Local Neighbourhood Watch Captain
    • Lecturer at “John” School
    • Member of Community Mobilization Team
    • Volunteer for George Dixon Days
    • Volunteer for ECMA 2009
    • Volunteer cameraperson - Eastlink



Media Experience


Extensive experience in:

  • Public Speaking on behalf of the Halifax Regional Municipality for local, Provincial, National, and International Public Events
  • Television and Radio interviews regarding Municipal Issues
  • Public presentations regarding local and Municipal Issues
  • Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google Circle, and LinkedIn
  • Website design and management – Official Councillor Webpage and Personal Webpage
  • Chairing meetings – Community, and Official Municipal sanctioned public meetings
  • Debates – regarding Municipal Elections, local issues
  • Hosting Ticketed Events – Downeast Streeters Presents Coronation Street’s Marc Baylis
  • MC  and Co-MC for Tour Tech’s AIDS Coalition Fundraiser
  • MC and Stage Manager for Natal Day Main Stage on the Halifax Waterfront
  • MC for Tunes at Noon (2007-2012)




Teaching Experience


  • Province of Nova Scotia Qualified Instructor – Maritime Business College
  • Elementary classroom presentation – Municipal Government
  • University classroom presentation – Municipal Involvement in Business Improvement Districts
  • Tutoring – PageMaker 6.5, Microsoft Office Professional  Suite, Web Design
  • AutoCAD 13 – Lecturer, presentation, and demonstrations



Technical Experience


  • DOS to Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems
  • General PC maintenance and peripheral upgrading
  • Digital Archiving – Large roll top scanner/flatbed scanners
  • GIS, AutoCAD, various CAD software,
  • Microsoft Office Professional Suite
  • WordPerfect Suite
  • Various Adobe Products
  • Web design/ HTML, Internet savvy
  • Extensive Experience with Social Media
  • Online and Telephone Support for software programs and PC technical issues





  • Voted “ Best Councillor” 10 years consecutively by The Coast Magazine’s readership (2002-2012)
  • Voted “ Favourite Politician” By Faces Magazine (2010)
  • 10 year Municipal Pin for 10 years Public Service



Work Experience


  • Advanced Education Instructor


  • Social Media Consultant
  • Background Extra
  • Actor in Independent Film
  • Technical Support for Engineer
  • Webmaster
  • Municipal Regional Councillor
  • Database Developer
  • Digital Archivist
  • Draftsperson
  • Civil Engineering CAD person
  • Survey Technician
  • Bartender
  • Pizza Shop Staff
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Retail Experience
  • Warehouse Experience
  • Direct Sales
  • Telephone Sales
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Assistant
  • Community Volunteer
  • Farm Hand
  • Clown at Birthday Parties
  • Parking Booth Attendant
  • Chambermaid
  • Luggage Sales
  • Wig Sales
  • Vendor